Roland XV-5080


Basically I use the XV5080 as my main synth for life performance. I like the possibility to easily edit the sounds on stage, and the two midi's in for my two midi keyboards.

XV-5080 Samples

For those of you a with sample memory; You may try some of my samples

  • JUPITER (16 Patches, 2,5MB stereo multi sample)
  • AX80 (5 Patches, 2 MB multi sample)
  • SuperSaw (5 Patches,2 MB stereo multi sample)

Instruction: Unzip, Copy the Roland map to a empty SmartMedia Card and reboot your XV-5080 .The patches are  in Card A.

XV-5080 Patches

I have made two sound bank for the XV-5080, 128 patches each. They are still evolving.

SRX98 Synthsounds.           (SRX-98 expansion required)
XV MonoPoly                         (No expansion required)

 Iím still looking for some good SRX-97 and SRX-98 patches, Please contact me is you got some.


My DIY on how to make a XV-5080 Sample set

Erik Elshout 2009