DIY on how to make a XV-5080 Sample set


To make my samples, I use Cubase to play 5 G midi notes in octaves, 6 seconds long. I record the sounds in 24 bits audio. I export the recording to a single wave.

I use Wavelab to make separate samples with a 3 second attack and a 3 seconds loop with 1,5 sec cross fade.  I optimise the waves and than save it in a 16 bit format  

To make a multi sample in SF2 format, I use Awave. It is possible to add a hole collection different instruments in a single SF2.

Than the big trick, use Chicken System sample converter to convert to Roland XV5080 sample sound bank.

After the hard work, edit your sound with the XV-5080  patch operators and add your effects. You can  even create complete new patches with maximum four layers.

You need to get used to the different sample structure on the XV5080. Tip, If you want to copy and change a patch with the XV5080 operators , better start to create  a new sound based on the samples in the machine, Use Utility Menu 2, F4 create  a new patch. (or you will change the original partials and so change the original sound to)

Make shore you now how it works before you start using this serious  and make many backups. Finely: Take one backup card on tour. 

Please read translator/rolandxv/  from

Erik Elshout 2007