Recently, I got my self a Roland SH-201. I think it’s a very nice synth in comparison to its price. Basically the SH-201 works like a Roland Jupiter 8 or a JP8000. but it got some digital disadvantages and the filters are very different. It can however replace many VST plugins and it is a great live synth .

Basically a synth is only as good as the sounds you can program or..... can get from other artists. Unfortunately there are only a couple of sound banks with patches available for the SH-201. I have made myself a new sound banks based on classic synths and use panning to make the sound nice stereo. I have also collected some sound banks that can be found on the internet and…………

I am glad to add your creations, links or files. e-mail me on

On this site I want to exchange synth sounds from the Roland SH-201 and the XV5080 and there is also a page on the Akai AX80 Synth with some home made samples in SF2 format. 

Erik.Elshout 2007