Roland SH-201

My SH-201, Patch for Roland sh-201 Librarian.
Please remember; always backup your user patches before you over write!

Vuvucela  (ZIP) Patch list WK2010  special (©FME) 

 St Analog Synth (ZIP) Patch list My first bank, inspirited by Jupiter and Moog classic synth sounds. All 32 sounds are Stereo layered (©FME)

Synthsounds of the 70s and 80s (ZIP) Patch list
 16 Solo Synths, 8 polys, 6 apeggio's and 2 effects  (©FME)      
Monolead (ZIP) Patch list My new bank (2010), 32 Solo Synths, , 2 apeggio's    (©FME)

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Commercial sounds


My DIY Retro look SH-201
(click to have a look of the making of)

Nice Video's

SH-201, Hidden parameters, to make my sounds, I used more parameters than the easy accessible.

  • PAN= Hold chancel + Key follow
  • Velo Cutoff = Hold chancel +Cutoff
  • delay LFO1 (2)= hold LFO1 (2) +  Rate
  • Chorus= 1e select delay, hold fxon + 7
  • Copy upper to lower= use SH-201 Editor. Edit button
  • More in the manual,  page 60 to 69

MP3 demo sounds: Sync, Lead, Arpg, Pad, Submarine, Comp

Review: Sound On Sound


© Erik Elshout 2010